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Who are the best teachers of English?
Native speaker who does not speak my language.
Native speaker who speaks my language.
A teacher who speaks my language but is not a native speaker of English.
I do not know.


Daily : Daily Exercises

You won't want to miss these great daily vocabulary-building tasks.


Improve your ability to use idiomatic English. Guess the word => the first and the last letters are given, e.g. v___y r_____y = very rarely

1.Samantha has been doing this j__b f __r d_______y 's years.
2.So we'll party until the c__________s c____________e h___________e .
3.I haven't seen you for a_____________s .
4.Children have been fascinated by her stories s___________e the year dot.
5.It's been a good year for Edward, who has won five matches on the t_____________t .
6.The couple's divorce suit was a nine-days' w__________r in the press.
7.Kelly and Timothy live in Alaska, so I only see her once in a b____________e m______________n .

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