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English Learning Mistakes People Make Way Too Often
English learners make so many mistakes that practically sabotage how well the language can be learned or how fast. Avoiding the common mistakes we mention below will help you to learn English much faster than initially imagined.
100% Grammar Focus
We tend to believe that in order to be really good at a language we have to master grammar. The truth is that grammar study will actually hurt the ability to speak English. English grammar is really complex to logically use and memorize. Real conversation will usually be very fast. There is not enough time to focus and think about grammar rules, choose what is correct and then use it. English grammar should be learned unconsciously and intuitively, just like children do. As you hear correct English grammar on a daily basis the brain adapts and learns exactly how to use grammar in a correct way.
Forcing English Speech
Both the English teachers and the students tend to force speech way before learners are ready. As a result a student will end up speaking the language slowly without fluency and with no confidence. Speech forcing will be a pretty huge mistake. The focus should be put on patience and listening. Learning English pronunciation should be done only when a person is ready to do so.
Formal Textbook English Learning
So many English students will just learn formal English available in school textbooks. Native speakers are not going to use that on a day to day basis. As they speak to family, co-workers and friends the native speaker is going to use casual English filled with slang, phrasal verbs and idioms. If you want to properly communicate with a native speaker you should learn casual English too.
Trying To Achieve Perfection
Remaining way too focused on mistakes can lead to drastically slowing down the entire learning process. Trying to speak English perfectly is not what your goal should be. Even the native speakers will make a lot of mistakes so isn’t it normal that you do too? Never try to speak in a perfect way. The main goal is always to communicate what you have to say in a proper, understandable way. You should always focus on the positives as mistakes are improved over time.
English School Reliance
English learners tend to fully rely on schools. The belief is that the teacher will be responsible for success but that is completely incorrect. The English learn is the one that is responsible for learning the language. Great teachers will help but responsibility falls in your court. Going one step further and doing extra work outside of school helps so much more than what you think right now. For instance, when you actively read English texts on a daily basis you can be sure that you will learn faster.


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