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Who are the best teachers of English?
Native speaker who does not speak my language.
Native speaker who speaks my language.
A teacher who speaks my language but is not a native speaker of English.
I do not know.


Daily : Daily Grammar

Get it right! Improve your English with our daily grammar tasks. We know you love them!


Choose the correct Past Perfect, Present Perfect and Present Continuous form.

I for an hour before I fell off the stage and broke my leg.

I this room for an hour. I think it will look fabulous when it is finished.

Where is Thomas? – He is in prison. He things from the shopping mall.

How long for your Industrial archaeology examination?

What ? It looks revolting.

Steven could see that Jane for some time when he arrived at her house.

I was completely exhausted. I in the garden all day.

Get a move on James we for you.

We at a hotel in Norfolk for the last two weeks.

The headmaster called Tim to his office as he classes for quite a while.

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